Struggling In Getting Erected? Know About Best Pills

Cenforce 100

Approx 30 million men in the US especially got diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction. Very often, it is found in men above the age of 65 and older. Erectile Dysfunction is the common type of male sexual dysfunction. The issue arises when a guy has difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection. There can be several reasons behind facing the issue of ED like the sign of various health problems and many of them struggle with it painfully but still feel shy to consult even their urologist. Instead of ignoring it they should understand the problem and diagnose it as soon as they can and go for a proper treatment. Medications like Cenforce 100stood first to resolve the issue of Erectile Dysfunction.

How does Cenforce cure ED?

Cenforce is a type of drug used to help the person who has Erectile Dysfunction.

  • It provides the exact level of erection to satisfy the intimate and the personal needs of the partner.
  • They help in the infusion of more blood or transmission in the sensitive part of your body which ensures an appropriate level of erection.
  • Cenforce 200 promotes more sense of activity in your region as it consists of a high level of Sildenafil citrate.
  • This medicine can promote high levels of erection to satisfy your partner as well as you.
  • It is consumed by so many people worldwide, and they had suggested it as a miracle to their erectile dysfunction disease. It highly satisfies the people with its results and works for the whole night with amazing results.

How long does it last?

The doctors with the appropriate dosage prescribe Cenforce 100 medicine according to the required level of the various people and their needs.

  • Cenforce 200mgimproves the erection quality and the treatment satisfaction along with the anxiety level and sexual experience compared to placebo.
  • Cenforce 100mg has a great capacity of lasting for 4 hours. However, it reaches its peak concentration in an hour, so it’s best to take it 30 to 60 minutes before sexual activity, and it will give you a higher level of satisfaction and your partner.

Side Effects to Keep in Mind

When a person consumes Cenforce, he should be very careful, and also, he must be aware of the general facts and side effects of the pills. These drugs should not be consumed in a large amount to get a high level of erection satisfaction. The overdosage may result in high dysfunction of the body as well. Doctors have encountered the side effects of the overdosage of pills such as

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Minor heart problem
  • Stomach ailments


Erectile dysfunction is a problem that sometimes becomes very harsh for people, so before consuming pills like Cenforce100you should take care of:

  • Maintain your weight
  • Trying a mediterranean diet,
  • Managing your blood pressure,
  • Cutting down high cholesterol
  • Getting diabetes under control

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