What is the way to treat Erectile Dysfunction with Vidalista Tablets?

Vidalista 40 UK

Are you facing the problem of not getting an erection while having sex? Are you worried about why it happened and how it can be cured? Here is the complete solution to your questions. Let us first tell you that the man does not get an erection is a sign of erectile dysfunction. It generally happens when the flow of blood in your penis decreases and the muscles contract. Due to the reduction of blood flow, males have trouble getting an erection. Not getting an erection at the time of sexual intercourse is the most significant embarrassing moment for the males—no need to worry. Read the article properly to know the effect of Vidalista on treating ED.

What is Vidalista 40 UK and Vidalista Professional 20 UK?

Vidalista 40 UK is the generic versions of Cialis. It helps to give a long-lasting erection that can last up to 36 hours. Vidalista is also known by another name, i.e., weekend pill. During sexual intercourse, the penis solidifies quickly. Vidalista 40 UK and any other strength of it such as professional 20 UK is used to treat erectile dysfunction in males. Males usually face this problem both in the early and later stages of their life. This frustrates males and obstructs their ability to maintain a healthy relationship. It also enables men to get firm and hard erection and enjoy their sexual life happily. The energetic Constituent present in Vidalista is Tadalafil.


Vidalista 40 UK and any other strength of Vidalista is used for treating three problems related to sex. They are as follows:

  • Erectile Dysfunction: This is a problem when males face problems in getting an erection while having sex.
  • Benign enlargement of Prostate gland: Vidalista is also used to treat Benign Enlargement of the prostate gland, which squeezes the urethra due to which during urination it is painful.
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension: This problem contracts the blood vessels and makes the heart pump harder, due to which the flow of blood increases. In this stage, the person feels nervous and suffocated.

The similarity between Vidalista 40 UK and Vidalista Professional 20 UK

As we all know, every medicine has its advantages, whether it’s of the same brand. Let us see how these two pills are similar and in what manner.

  • Both contain an energetic constituent named Tadalafil
  • Both are used in treating the sexual problems mentioned above.
  • Vidalista relaxes the muscles of the pelvis organs and increases the blood flow.


  • You should take one tablet on a particular day.
  • If you are taking any other nitrates, intake of Vidalista 20mg is prohibited as this may decrease your blood pressure.
  • If you have allergies to the components of the medicine, you should avoid taking it.
  • Immediately talk to your doctor if your erection remains for more than 2 hours after sexual intercourse.


Vidalista 40 UK and another pill such as Vidalista Professional 20 UK can be stored in a cool and dry place where children and pets can’t reach. It should be kept away from exposure to heat and sunlight at a room temperature below 27 to 30 degrees.

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